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Monday, July 25, 2011

Desigual (Barcelona) vs Alexander McQueen window (NY)

While red is not a color much to be seen at the moment. When I saw the window of a desigual store in Barcelona, it reminded me strongly of a foto I took in may in New York of the 'Bergdorf Goodman' window, btw I just love their windows, but who doesn't?

One of the Desigual-Barcelona shops had this corner, I would call it a little 'atelier', which was eye-candy for me, with on a nice old wooden desk, a bigggg wooden box with all kind of (vintage) buttons, next to it all kinds of laces and ribbons on a rack and more supplies, appliques, and all kinds of fabrics, mjummie...

Two smiling shopgirls would customize/personalize your clothes (or other purchases). One was making rosettas for a t-shirt, the other was stitching glass-beads in a nice pattern to a handbag. And this was for free (yes all you dutch people that read this and are used to pay for everything, it was for free). If you had time to leave your purchased items there for a day...Great service! Really nice. And a shame I only was staying for one day in Barcelona  :(, and that I wasn't bold enough to ask for some nice buttons so I could customize my new purse by myself. Well what am I wining about, I have a closed full of nice stuff, to customize... but this beautiful button box I won't forget.