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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fotoshoot-Work in progress

Colorful Maria

These are some photo's from ongoing work on a project with model Annelies, mua Joke.

A project that's been in my head for a while a 'WHAT IF ...' series
What if... Maria was black, or
What if... Sleeping beauty was black

And I thought model Annelies would be a perfect model for a shoot like that. We never worked together before, so this was supposed to be a kind of try-out.
I had a lot of sketches and ideas. It's not quite what I want it to be yet. But i'll get there.

Al een hele tijd loop ik met het idee om een serie 'What if..' foto's te maken. Een van de foto's die ik wil maken is 'what if Maria was black' (en aanverwante idee├źn.) Nu een 'langzaam' beginnetje gemaakt.

Work in progress

What if... Sleeping beauty was black

Shipped for Holland