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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


A long long time ago (2005) I was one of the people who won a travel to Egypt to picture 'Microfinance' Projects with Rabobank in photograph, paint or words. It brought us into peoples home's. As I was along as a photographer, I tried to stay a bit apart from the group (i think all photographers did) so I could make my pictures more 'private'.

This beautiful lady and her husband were part of a microfinance project for 3 years.
They had buffaloes. She offered us some cooked, buffeloo milk.

Lately I wonder about these people and the other ones we've et. How are they coping with what's happening in Egypt now? Do they at all get involved? These were little villages a few hours drive from Cairo. Close to the Fayoum Oase. 

As we arrived I took this photo through her bedroom window (no glass)

One of the group Sam Drukker gave this lady a little car, it made her very happy.

Doing the Dishes

Cooking milk for a few of us

The livingroom

Next to their bed, a colorful still life

Getting the little one ready

One of my favoutire pictures