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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fotoshoot-Work in progress

Colorful Maria

These are some photo's from ongoing work on a project with model Annelies, mua Joke.

A project that's been in my head for a while a 'WHAT IF ...' series
What if... Maria was black, or
What if... Sleeping beauty was black

And I thought model Annelies would be a perfect model for a shoot like that. We never worked together before, so this was supposed to be a kind of try-out.
I had a lot of sketches and ideas. It's not quite what I want it to be yet. But i'll get there.

Al een hele tijd loop ik met het idee om een serie 'What if..' foto's te maken. Een van de foto's die ik wil maken is 'what if Maria was black' (en aanverwante ideeën.) Nu een 'langzaam' beginnetje gemaakt.

Work in progress

What if... Sleeping beauty was black

Shipped for Holland

Friday, August 3, 2012


Many years ago we bought this happy watercolor painting in Crete.

The artist: cbitsa or critsa, cloynta

Crochet project colorful

Crochet project 'colorful' is reaching it's completion. I've made a pile of granny squares, now all I have to do is decide what to make of it, blanket or clothes, and patch them together.

Holiday in Lesbos (Lesvos), Greece 2012

This year we spend our holiday in Greece. My husband booked Lesbos, and when I saw the pictures on the internet whan i googled Lesbos, I wasn't quite thrilled, it looked like there was only 'volcano' area. Hmmm. But once we arrived in Lesbos, it was really great! Every day 35-45 degrees, nice and hot :) only once we saw a cloud, this was quite the opposite of the Holland we left behind: rainy and cold.

During this holiday we met nice people, and had nice conversations, about living in Greece, about crocheting (they do that a lot in the wintertime) and inevitably also about politics... the crisis, EU, etc. 

Helena, showing me her crochet stitch from her hometown.

For the boys and girls that do crochet: pattern for creating a curly end. Repeat as many times as necessary 'under' at the end of your work. your work.

A part of my pile of granny squares that I was crocheting on my holidays.

The sweet lady of the hotel, Helena, saw me busy crocheting my grany squares and insisted on showing and teaching me a crochet stitch of her village and in the meantime I also learned some greek words. She talked to me in greek most of the time, and with some 'rottenton' (translations) of others: Achilea, Manos, Igor and ofcourse the sweet Georgia, we kind of managed to understand eachother.

We took a 2 hour tour walking through Molivos with our guide Dolf van der Ley. It was very interesting, and we learned some interesting things about the history of Lesvos and Molivos. Some ladies were especially modelling for us as we walked by with Dolf. One a former hotelmaid, whom he had met a long time ago.

Dolf van der Lee was our inspiring guide through Molivos. Thx Dolf!

The ladies who were waiting for us to photograph them.
Molivos is a small town where walking is not that easy once your old, it's quite steep, and streets are made of kind of big irregular cobstones.

I always like to take photographs, but mostly not on Holidays, but this year i took my iphone and hipstamatic app with Loftus and shot whenever i felt like it. In Lesbos i simply asked 'photographia?' and most people were instantly prepared for the photo, only once a lady started muttering something in greek while she was walking away, that sounded to me like 'what, you want to take my photograph are you crazy or what? all those tourists with there camera's...unbelievable' ...okayself-explanatory, sigasiga if you don't want to, i won't take your photo.

I also love the greek-orthodox (Byzantine) churches that areso fully decorated with icons and chandeliers. Even the smallest chapel, from the outside so modest white, from the inside blue and gold, wood, with fake pink roses in those lovely vintage vases, overwhelming and comforting.

Agiasos, a mountain village, suerly worth a visit.

From the icon painter in Molivos I learned what these small silverplated tags are meant for. Also lovely vintage items i couldn't resist.
I like a lot of things about Lesbos: one thing is the fact that everywhere you're close to sea (or a lake), the clear waters, the fact that within half an hour you could be either in volcanic 'dry' area, or at a sweet village, or at a seaside. A little wind, olive trees almost everywhere (there are about 11.000.000 olive trees on the island, which they tell me get all 'picked' from december 'till march). And the sun peaking through whereever you go.

Color inspiration: Some shell finds: mother of pearl, sponge, driftwood, and a stone, quartz?

Other things i like are the blue skies, laundry lines, the cookies and other food :)
We were foolish enough to climb mt. Olympos, i don't think a lot of people do, except the people who work there. But it was a spectacular view, over Lesbos! And ofcourse there was a little chapel on top :) and a biggg white cross, next to the masts.

And these almond cookies were simply delicious! Lots of calories!
This bakery in Agiasos, had loads, and i mean really loads of different cookies, bread, candy icecreams etc. They must be a supplier for a large part of the island.

And ofcourse all the people that are so photogenic, and were kind to let me capture them on my iphone.
The man who talked with me in German, he went fishing early in the nmorning and was cleaning his meal, and sharing his left-overs with one of the many stray cats in skala Sykaminias.

The fishermen of skala Sykaminias preparing their lines for the next catch.

The sweet little shop/taverne we stumbled upon as we visited the hometown of Achillea high up in the mountains. It seemed the men that were having their coffee in the square under the trees had never seen tourists before. 

The lady came down the mountain when we were lingering around here shop, put here hand to her breast and made it clear to us that this was her little tavern, and she was happy to pose for us.

She had just hung her laundry, they live next to the church, he the tailor of Molivos.

Mandamados, a pottery village, (we found 2 potteries?), the man did the pottery the women the painting. I bought 6 pastaplate/soupbowls. Just loved the blue and white!
A bit of Lesvos in my kitchen: the blue bowls, and some crochet doily handmade by Daphni in Molivos. Closet is decorated with an ingk design that makes me happy :)
Also loved the chocolat cakes in Molivos and Petra. The best one certainly was the chocolat cake mama from the Balkony, Molivos baked. With a (giant) scoop of vanilla. It's a good thing we trained almost everyday for 45 minutes to loose those greek calories :).

I finally got the time to read the uppercase publication from dottie angel. I like vintage, but i'm also into bold colors so this is some color inspiration from vintage souvenirs from Petra, Lesvos, Greece.

Color inspiration from vintage packaging

And last but not least, when you're in Molivos, find time to have a pita or stick (they also have veggie) at Friendz. It's worth the wait! Or take away and enjoy it at the beach during sunset.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Nice :)

With this portrait I won the Leo Bloeme Trofee.
Our Club Trophee. Judged while we were watching & listening by Simon Ophof, co-auteur of the book "Over foto's gesproken"
And with the comments I got, I think I will use this as a starting point for a teenager portrait-series.


Altijd leuk, gisteren de clubtrofee 'Leo Bloeme'  van Camera Obscura gewonnen met bovenstaand portret. Ook met het commentaar van Simon Ophof, co-auteur van het boek "Over foto's gesproken", was ik erg blij. Kijken of ik deze kan uitbreiden naar een mooie serie. Ik ben eigenlijk normaal niet zo van de portretten. Maar op deze manier vind ik het dan wel weer echt leuk.
Saillant detail: photo genomen met mijn iphone.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Surtex or Evteks... what to choose

A very difficult decision; what was it going to be New York or Istanbul? New York is great, Surtex finally not on our teenage-son's birthday. And Evteks, so close, and as I'm told a real 'homefashion' fair. Where I think Surtex is more for paper, cards and stationery.

Also great, but what to choose? Maybe in about two years when the kids are a bit older, we'll it split up and exhibit at both fairs at the same time. But this year we decided to exhibit at Evteks.

Visitors who will be attending Surtex, don't have to miss out on our designs. Sandra Jacobs will take some of our designs with her to New York. And we will take some of her designs with us to Istanbul. So visit her booth, i'll let you know asap which one :)

Missing New York already... the inspiring shops, nice people, and ofcourse your fabulous bakeries...
but maybe we will be there at Printsource.

ANTIQUES SHOP, address from the great book/travelguide:
A stylists guide to NY

Nice restaurant, accidently found by first entering a fishrestaurant,
but being guided through the back by one
of the staff to this great adjecent restaurant :)

best brownies :)

Nice lady, vintage jewelry shop

Nieuwe Kaarten online

Pas afgerond... en meteen online! Ik vind 'm mooi geworden. En nu nog wachten op de versie voor de winkels.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dancing in the dark

Zo, de eerste resultaten van een uurtje(?) fotograferen in de bieb. Dat was echt te kort...
Ik heb al zin in een vervolg op deze sessie, de ideeën voor een vervolg vlogen door het groepje, en ik denk dat dat vervolg er zeker gaat komen!

First results of an hour photography in the library. More to come :)

Ellis Heikamp deed de krullen enzo, Anjo van Duo Fashion bedankt voor het bloesje (er komt nog een foto waarop je het bloesje wat beter ziet);  Sophie dat is jouw petticoat. Model Vera Elgersma en Sander deed ook nog mee :)